Signs and Symptoms of Ulcers In Horses and How to Prevent


 Ulcers in horses a very common tale

Ulcers in horses is a modern day common tale. Every horse owner appreciates the sensitive nature of the equine gut. Colic being a major fear. Colic, caused by problems related to the small and large intestine are well understood and routinely treated. The incidence of gastric ulcers in performance horses if very high. Horse owners and trainers are seeking out information on the signs of ulcers in horses and how to prevent them  

Signs & symptoms of ulcers in horses

Gastric Ulcers, or Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome is experienced by a huge 93% of race horses. according to latest research, with most other, domesticated horses having ulcers at some point in their lives too. Although ulcers may not always cause observable symptoms, the following list outlines the typical symptoms a horse with ulcers can experience and present with, that you can look out for:

  • Reduced feed intake or poor appetite.
  • Loss of condition.
  • Rough or poor hair coat.
  • Poor performance
  • Cinchy/Girthy
  • Changes in behavior and attitude – this may be either an increase in fear and flightiness or dull and non reactive
  • Wood chewing

 Preventing Ulcers in Horses

Diet is a major factor to look at in preventing ulcers. Stress from stall confinement and training should be addressed. In foals it is important to reduce stresses. Also many people put sick foals that aren’t drinking well, on ulcer treatment to prevent development of ulcers. 

 ulcers in horses

 Closing Thought

There are a high number of horses around that suffer the painful condition of ulcers.  However it should be noted the signs and symptoms are not always observable. Prevention of ulcers is always better than trying to correct ulcers after they’ve formed. Certain dietary and stress reduction measures can help but there are definitely times when a good quality ulcer treatment is needed




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