Poll result | What is the best time for feeding your horse?


Feeding you horse – When is the best time?

Morning or Evening  – Morning + Evening?

A recent poll by Abler confirms most common frequency for feeding your horse is twice a day, morning and evening. Data shows consistency of horse owner habits. There are so many factors that need to be considered here. What is best for one horse may not be best for another horse. It depends on how often your exercise or work your horse. Your horse’s output of energy should help you determine the amount of food or fuel your horse needs.With hay, it is best to have their hay put in a slow feeder and let them eat it over the course of the day.

Finding time for feeding your horse

We are all living very busy lifestyles which sometimes means less time spent with our horses. Due to family or work commitments time is something we are all poor of. In some cases our horses are taken care of by barn hands in our absence. Therefore we then have to rely on someone else to ensure feeding your horse happens. The anatomy of a horse’s stomach is small which requires little portions multiple times a day. It would be ideal to feed your horse three to four times a day. In most cases that is unrealistic so twice a day is fine.

When do you feed your horse

 When should you be feeding an eventing horse?

Once you’ve figured out what to feed your horse – it’s important to know when to feed them. This can be a very overwhelming task as there is a lot of information out there. We know that small quantities of hay before exercise can help maintain hydration but grain concentrates shortly prior to exercise can cause problems. Feeding an eventing horse after exercise is critical to the recovery of the horse so they should be provided with hay and water. If this has been consumed then around 1.5 hours after exercise a grain concentrate can be given – something nutrient dense to help with recovery (particularly fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals). This is a general guideline and each horse is unique with specific needs.

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