Benefits of Sucralfate for Horse Hindgut Ulcers Treatment


Understanding horse hindgut ulcers

Horse Hindgut ulcers are colonic ulcers involving lesions that occur in the hindgut, specifically the colon. This is contrary to gastric ulcers which are found in the stomach.  Understanding the horse’s digestive system means knowing the significance of the hindgut. The  horse’ stomach represents less than 10% of the total volume of the digestive tract.  The hindgut (consisting of the cecum and colon) is huge and vital to the horse’s digestive process and overall health.

horse hindgut ulcers

Sucralfate granules are so easy to administer to dull ulcer pain

Some of the symptoms of horse hindgut ulcers

Horses with this abnormally high acidity (acidosis) in their hindgut (caecum and colon) may exhibit several symptoms including:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Resistance under saddle
  • Colic symptoms.
  • Change in behavior, more irritable, kicking out, biting
  • Increased susceptibility to laminitis and colic
  • Lack of energy and stamina

The Benefits of sucralfate granules as treatment for horse hindgut ulcers

Sucralfate  has proven to be effective in the treatment of horse hindgut ulcers.  This medication comes in granular form.  Granules can be simply added to the horse’s feed for easy administration. Additionally the taste of the granules is palatable to most horses. The granules can be added to treats or mixed with molasses or corn syrup or with water!

horse hindgut ulcers

Pre – measured packs for easy dosage

Dosage and Administration

It is highly recommended to administer sucralfate granules at least twice a day. Administration should be on an empty stomach, but,  as we know horses  graze 24/7.  Dosage of sucralfate depends on the bodyweight of the horse. After 3-4 days you will notice a   difference in your horses attitude.


Horse hindgut ulcers need to be approached differently than gastric ulcers. A two pronged treatment using sucralfate and omeprazole may be the answer for gastric ulcers not hindgut ulcers.  Because hindgut acidosis is caused by how we commonly feed horses today, this condition as well as the resulting ulcers are a very real risk for many horses

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