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Causes of Ulcers

An astonishing number of performance horses suffer from either stomach ulcers or colonic ulcers. Upwards of ninety percent of racing horses and sixty percent of other disciplines have ulcers. Research shows that the stress of travelling, stabling, and training could be the lead cause of these problems in our horses. Even worse, horses that are suffering from digestive ulcers can be wonderfully subtle when it comes to exhibiting signs. Horses are prey animals, and instinctively they hide weakness, so predators won’t pick them out of the herd. AbPrazole helps treat and prevent any ulcers your horse may have.

horse travelling can be stressful

A cranky horse is typically an ill horse. The most common symptom shown when it comes to ulcer woes is your horse gets snappy or fidgety when you try to saddle, they will often show signs of sensitivity when you try to cinch them up. Flank sensitivity is possibly the most often side of ulcer issues.

Natural things to do

To keep your horse healthy, you want to try and keep them in as natural a state to what they evolved to do as possible. Free grazing is a great start, but if that’s not feasible for whatever reasons, frequent small meals of forage are better than one or two large meals of grain. This style of meal plan helps your horse have a more natural to them digestive process and can help prevent ulcers. The biggest thing to know when it comes to ulcers that if you don’t change the environment of stress and how your horse eats, the ulcers are likely to reoccur. If your horse is repeatably subjected to the stress of training, travelling, boarding and/or breeding, the best thing you can do is minimise the stress they suffer and give them health support.

Ulcer medication for horses

When it comes to treating ulcers from the inside, you’ll want to control the production of acid in the stomach. In horses, this is done with the drug Omeprazole since it not only inhibits the proton pumps (the things that make the stomach acid) but also allows your horse to continue with its daily life even under treatment. You’ll need about a month’s worth to ensure your horse’s ulcers are completely healed, and that’s where Abler and AbPrazole come in.

AbPrazole Granules

AbPrazole is in a handy, cost effective, easy to dose formula. Just add the granules to your horse’s food and watch them eat it all. Not only is it easy to get in your horse (unlike some other forms of Omeprazole) but you can also see how much got in them. With home or barn delivery, low prices, AbPrazole is the easy and smart way to treat your horse’s ulcers!





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