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Cynthia Collins of Lunesta Freestyles  CA. recommends dewormers for horses in granule form because they are SO easy to administer and are extremely effective

Dewormers for horses – AbWormer Combo Pack

I usually rotate the top three types (Ivermectin, Fenbendazole & Praziquantel)  using it once a month.  The main reason why I use it so often is that no wormer destroys larva.  These larva can mature in 3 weeks. So to me, worming once every 6 to 8 weeks means your horse has worms most of the time. I truly believe the main reason horses are living so much longer and are able to perform at older ages, is because they are not full of parasites.

Worm once a Month

I also think, although it’s not proven, the ulcer horses seem to get worms more than other horses.  Larisa had a terrible time with worms. She’s the reason I now worm once a month. When I got very aggressive about getting rid of them (after trying to get rid of them for years), my vet had me worm her every other day 3 times. Then I went to once a week for 3 weeks. Now once a month. (Mainly it’s easier for me to remember to worm on the first of each month.
I finally knocked them out of her, but overtime I tried going back to every 6-8 weeks, she would get wormy again. Since the eggs are on the property, I just do it once a month.  I’ve been doing that for the last 5 or so years, and so far, no worms.
AbWormer Combo Pack Benefits

Dewormers for Horses Perfect for Rotation Worming all year round

Dewormers for Horses Perfect for Rotation Worming all year round

  • No Waste
  • The medications that comprise the AbWormer Combo Pack come in colored granules making them easily identified should any be left at the bottom of the horse’s feeding container.
  • Safe to Use
  • AbWormer Combo Pack is put together to address equine worm concerns among adult horses. All of the medications included in this package are safe to use and may be administered to mares at any stage of pregnancy.

Quick and Easy Administration
AbWormer Combo Pack is easy to use. All you need is to top dress the prescribed dosage for your horse with feed.

Aside from being effective, products from the AbWormer Combo Pack also have no taste, making it easy for your horse to accept. Plus, you don’t need to have the horse undergo fasting or on reduced feeding before administering this dewormers for horses medication.


I have told many about using the wormers, mainly because they are SO easy.

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