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Jamie created a Product Review about how Generic Omeprazole for horses – AbPrazole which helped her retired racehorse Curly who was suffering from gastric ulcers.


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Curly has been known to get very bad stomach ulcers. She was diagnosed with stomach ulcers when she retired from being a racehorse.
She’s now my eventer and we use AbPrazole Omeprazole granules to treat her ulcer condition initially when she arrived here and we use it as a preventative when we float her to new environments, because she’s very prone to getting stressed and having a relapse of her ulcers.
Using the AbPrazole is fantastic she finds it very palatable, we don’t have any issues with her eating it and it prevents her from having any issues when we go out competing or travelling. So we’re very happy with the AbPrazole and would highly recommend it to anybody with a horse who suffers from stomach ulcers.  Jamie – Aust


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