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Latest trend | Product Review Video

Product review videos are now the most popular way to share information about products. A product review video about how the Abler product you used which helped your horse will assist the horse community to make a more informed decision about purchasing the correct Abler product for their situation.  Abler will reward you with Abler Points if you create a product review video.

Product review video

Lights, Camera, Action

Some tips to remember when making your video.While some of these suggestions are iPhone-specific, many can be applied to other smartphones, too!

  • Don’t shoot vertical video – Turn your phone to horizontal position
  • Use a tripod or selfy stick for stability – No shaking
  • Don’t use the iPhone’s zoom
  • Light your video – Face the light
  • Use the exposure lock
  • Get your microphone close to your subject.
  • Use a clip-on lens adapter for wider shots
  • Use slow motion wisely.
  • Upload it to YouTube™

Anyone can produce a video

Here is an example of a product review video sent to Abler.  All you need to do is tell the story about how an Abler product  like AbPrazole has helped your horse.  Mention some before and after symptoms and keep it to a minimum, thirty seconds is plenty of time to tell your story. When your product review video is approved Abler will add 100 Abler points to your account to spend on future orders.




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