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Abler would like to kick of the New Year with a Bundle Up & Save Special deal. You get a 10% Discount on Abprazole Bulk Pack when you Buy AbSucralfate or AbActive.  Both of these products used in conjunction with AbPrazole are the perfect solution to easing the pain and discomfort of equine gastric ulcers in your horse.

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The new AbPrazole Bulk Pack gives you the convenience of having 50 pre measured doses of Abprazole granules in one bag. Add the bundle products AbSucralfate or AbActive to your order and Save another 10% discount off the AbPraxole Bulk Pack.

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AbPrazole Bulk Pack

AbSuclralfate When ingested, the acidic environment forms a thick viscous compound that adheres to the ulcer site, acting as a protective film, providing protection for up to six hours at a time. Sucralfate is an aluminum salt of sucrose which is not absorbed or metabolized in the body.
Sucralfate is a cytoprotective agent for the symptomatic treatment of equine gastric ulcer syndrome, small intestine, hindgut and colonic ulcers (right dorsal colitis).When sucralfate is administered in conjunction with omeprazole, sucralfate will coat the ulcer which avoids further acid damage and allows the omeprazole to treat the cause.


AbActive™ probiotic (Probiotic B. coagulans) helps restore natural intestinal flora, leading to more rapid recovery and better nutrient absorption, easy-to-feed once a day dosages of flavorless blue, enteric coated granules containing a pharmaceutical grade probiotic.Abler Watermark - Since 2008




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