Horse Omeprazole : Paste or Granules whats best?


horse omeprazole

Horse omeprazole is from the family of proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s) that blocks secretion of acid and assists by reducing and neutralizing acid in the horse’s stomach allowing improved healing of existing ulcer damage.

Symptoms of Equine Gastric Ulcers

Horses symptoms can be subtle or outwardly noticeable. A change from being well mannered to suddenly being difficult to handle, girthy, off feed, poor performance in the ring, grinding teeth, to a dull coat and of a general lacklustre demeanor are a good indication of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)

Which Horse Omeprazole is best?

At Abler we are often asked which horse omeprazole  to purchase? Our general rule is to ask the following –

  • Budget
  • Treatment or maintenance regime
  • Picky eater
  • On or off feed
  • Oral Paste  or Granules?

Paste is best if your horse is off feed, whilst omeprazole granules are most affordable if your horse is on his feed, plus, easy to administer.

You know your horse best and what suits him best . At Abler we believe our horse omeprazole is the most affordable and effective treatment for Equine Gastric Ulcers. Read more below about what other horse owners say re their choice of Omeprazole for horses.

ECONOMICAL AND EASY TO DOSE! REVIEW BY HUNTERBERRY HILLThis omeprazole is so much more economical than the original branded products. I personally prefer to use your Abprazole or Abprazole Plus sachets, but if I have a horse I am not feeding grain to then this paste product is easy to use and the horses don’t even seem to mind. (Posted on 8/6/15)


A+ PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW BY AEWMy TB suffered from SEVERE ulcers. After his first bout, I spent about $3000 on a week at the vet and a month worth of “Branded Product”. He was skin and bones and the bills just about killed my bank account. Soon after, I found Abler. Not only is Abgard LESS than half the price, it is just as, if not more, effective. It is great to have a quality, affordable product to keep my horse healthy and my bank account happy! The free standard shipping is great as well, since I am in the US, shipping can get a little pricey. And even the rush shipping is reasonable. The customer service is fabulous. I ALWAYS receive a call to make sure my order came in on time. And the reps are very helpful. I will keep using Abgard, and I am now trying the Abprazole on my horse! THANK YOU! (Posted on 12/13/14)

 Check out Ablers ” Horse owners guide to choosing omeprazole





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