Composting Manure to Prevent Spread of Equine Parasites


Horse Poop has another use!

Composting is a process where natural microorganisms help in breaking down organic substances, such as horse manure. Composting horse manure can be done easily in your backyard; the process is simple and even if you don’t own a horse or have a ranch, horse manure is easy to obtain. If you compost your own horse’s manure, you are not just working to improve the quality of your soil but also helping in preventing spread of equine parasites. Parasites in horses are usually passed out via feces and if your horse ingests manure from grazing in the field, he can continuously be burdened with worms. Composting manure is also another method of making equine deworming easier. Here are simple steps on how you can compost horse manure.

Clean pasture helps rid farms of parasites

Clean pasture helps rid farms of parasites

    • Locate the horse manure in your area and pick it up.
    • Bring with you a pitchfork or shovel. Pick up the horse manure and place in plastic containers.
    • Bring the collected manure to one side of your paddock. Be sure this area is restricted and no horse should be allowed to graze near this particular area. You can mix the manure with shavings and straw.
    • Fork or shovel your pile of manure and turn every few days. This is ideally done during hot days where high temperatures can speed up the drying of the feces and kill off eggs passed by equine parasites.
    • Keep turning the compost every few days, from inside out and top to bottom. It may take around 1-3 months on summer and 3-6 months in winter for the manure to break down completely.
    • You can then use the manure as fertilizer for your paddock. You will know that it’s ready for use when the color green has gone to light tan and there is no strong odor.

You can greatly improve on your horse worming program if you incorporate good pasture management like cleaning your pasture and composting horse manure, and you can expect that your equine dewormers can work to the fullest.

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