Feeding Omeprazole Tablets for the Pickiest Horse.


Princess is a 28 year old ex-racehorse. She is the pickiest horse EVER.

Most horses in the barn go crazy at feed time neighing, stamping, knocking empty feed buckets, so anxious to eat but not Princess.

She would look at her grain perhaps take a couple bites then walk away. Finally the diagnosis of gastric ulcer disease came to be widely known and a light bulb went off in my head.

Tip!…Hide the tablet inside the banana

She received 28 day treatment with omeprazole. Her appetite improved and her anemia disappeared. We have to be very careful when we top dress her feed with any supplements or meds because she will refuse to eat if there is a hint of anything in her feed. The omeprazole tablet  worked great in a tiny piece of banana( its not supposed to be chewed).

I have also used  Abprazole granules as they are pretty close to perfect. We pull a fistful of grain out, dump the granules in, put the fistful of grain on top of the granules and its done!

Story by:Rebecca Byrd

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I grew up with horses on the family farm and have always had an interest in helping horses overcome medical conditions brought on by man made environmental issues. I have pursued a career in marketing and my interests are blog writing. Every spare moment I get on weekends and holidays is spent taking long rides with my wonderful OTTB Blaze.

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