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Amy Moro – Virginia USA relayed the events of discovering her horse Charm had hind gut ulcers and treating him with Blue Pop Rocks (aka Abprazole)made a major difference.

Pre Treatment - Charm

Charm looking gaunt in a fly sheet

Due to multiple symptoms of ulcer like behavior, we had my horse, Charm scoped in June.  After 4 months of Ranitidine and 16 weeks of GG he was perfect.  Within a month he flared up again, so the vet decided we should do an endoscopy.  He was diagnosed with Grade 3/4  bleeding ulcers throughout the oesophagus and stomach, as well as most all clinical symptoms for hindgut ulcers.

Post Treatment - Charm

Charm after treatment with Abprazole

First Image with fly sheet is pre pop rocks and you can see how skinny he is.  Second Image is him finally being ridden and jumped towards the end of October.


Charm was treated with Abprazole™ for treatment and prevention of equine ulcers in easy-to-measure, easy-to-feed dosages of flavorless blue granules.

9.7 Best Equine Medication

Made a Difference

  • Affordable 9.5
  • Easy to Use 9.5
  • Effective 10
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