My Valentine Horse: The Many Reasons to Love a Horse


valentine-horseLove is in the air as Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. It’s hard to miss every reminder of the special love day. You see strings of hearts dangling upon windows of restaurants or cafes and the color red or pink is everywhere. Flower shops are even more frequented as the day draws in closer. Though love can be felt any time of the year, there is just this special air that Valentine’s Day brings. It makes you think about love in an even more special way – look at that someone dear and get to think – what is not to love about them? For horse lovers, the answer comes so easy – nothing.
Sure your horse can be grumpy at times, and sometimes you wish things could be a little easier as a large animal does take a lot of effort to look after and care for, but they are are usually willing to cooperate each time you ask them to do something, so admit it – you love your horse at the end of the day because – well, they’re simply loveable. There are very few reasons to dislike a horse and usually it does not last long. However, there are thousands of reasons to love a horse and here are just some of them.
A Horse for a Friend
Relationships are formed over time and this is also true for horses. The best thing about having a horse is that they can be great friends – a great listener and a master keeper of secrets for that matter. At some point in a horse lover’s life, they get to confide in a horse which can offer a sense of relief. This could also benefit a horse because talking is one way of successfully connecting with your horse and even get them to respond to you better, especially if you are using a calming tone.
There are people who might think that talking to your horse is unnecessary and a bit mushy – that a horse can do just about anything you want them to do so long as you give the command. But somehow, friendship and building respect can go a long way when it comes to getting your horse to trust and obey you.
Start of a relationship!
Horses are Fun and Smart
Smart and fun is a pleasant combination for a human friend but how amazing to have that in your horse friend. Generally, horses are both smart and fun. They are intelligent creatures that can be easily trained and they can be so much fun to be with when trained well and can perform tricks on command.
Hugs and Kisses for Free
Who has not been kissed or hugged by a horse? Even an animal, as big as a horse, can display its soft side. Some horses are natural kissers, but there are others that can be trained to do that as a trick. We know that a kiss from a dog is a stress reliever, therefore to get a kiss from a beautiful large horse can be a euphoric experience especially if you like the smell of fresh hay from a horse’s breath.

Love Hay Breath
The Adrenaline Rush from Riding
Having a horse means you get to ride the big fella and when you do, the rush you feel is just incredible – and to think you’re straddled on its back, getting a great view from the top. Ride with your horse and position yourselves on a mountain top, and that is a how a horse can “show you the world”.
Horses Bring Opportunities
When you have a horse, you are presented with opportunities – opportunities to travel to different places, see beautiful sights you’ve never seen before, and even meet new people. Love a horse the right way and build trust among yourselves, and your big fella can take you to places, may it be through competition or just a weekend trail ride. Along the way, you also get to meet people who share the same passion.
They Understand
Have you ever had that feeling where your horse seems to understand you in their own way? They even tend to understand if you don’t like someone, and would play mischievously upon that somebody. More importantly, your voice – the way you say your cues and they just have their way of deciphering what you want from them. Horses are intelligent as previously mentioned, so with extra effort and an extended patience on your part, you can really get a horse to understand you better.
A Thousand Reasons More
There are so many reasons to love a horse that it may be easy to think of them but putting them in words can be challenging. Horses are magnificent, gentle creatures and it would be hard not to fall in love with them. If you find ways to bond with your horse, you can see how the rewards can be overwhelming. This Valentine’s Day, make it not just about people loving people, but also people enjoying the company of animals such as the horse.
Showing your love for your horse comes in many forms including treats, grooming time, and simply giving them the right treatment. Keeping your horse healthy, free from equine parasites, and other health problems, such as digestive ulcers, is also a big gesture of love. When it comes to caring for your horse, let Abler step up and help spread the love. Love your horse every single day. Every day is Valentine’s Day with Abler.
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I grew up with horses on the family farm and have always had an interest in helping horses overcome medical conditions brought on by man made environmental issues. I have pursued a career in marketing and my interests are blog writing. Every spare moment I get on weekends and holidays is spent taking long rides with my wonderful OTTB Blaze.

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