Abprazole: Benefits Of An Enteric Coated Omeprazole


Abprazole Granules are enteric coated omeprazole used for the treatment and prevention of digestive ulcers in horses. Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor that stops the gastric acids from being produced to avoid damage to the stomach lining or esophagus.

An enteric coating is a material used in oral medications for the purpose of holding the formulation together so they do not dissolve in the stomach thereby reaching the intestines first before releasing the drug components. The term “enteric” pertains to the small intestine also called enteral. An enteric coated medication comes with different properties and advantages.

Various types of oral medications are produced in various ways. Presently, modern manufacturers or encapsulation specialists have different reasons for using enteric coating materials on pharmaceutical products.

Enteric Coating - Dissolution Test


Here are the important reasons for that:

The primary reason is to give protection to the acid-liable medications from the negative effects of the acids, enzymes or antibiotics in the stomach.

Prevents Irritation
An immediate release of the ingredients of an oral medication into the stomach may cause irritation as well as other problems. Enteric coated medications are made by pharmaceutical companies to provide a worry-free stomach while taking the medication.

The properties of an enteric coating material are as follows:

Resistance and Susceptibility
Enteric coating materials come with a special feature that makes it resistant to the acidic environment of the stomach. Moreover, the drug being coated is considered to be susceptible or permeable to fluids in the intestines.

Stability and Compatibility
The substances used are compatible with majority of the different substrates and coating solution ingredients. The covering must not change on the factor of aging. It should be stable over time when kept in a cool and dry place.

Low Cost and Non-toxicity
Another feature of enteric coating is non-toxicity and low in cost. After being exposed to the gastric acid for hours, the enteric coating easily dissolves in the slightly acidic to neutral condition of the small intestines. The enteric coating material would gradually hydrolyse when kept in a hot and humid environment therefore increases the free acidic content.

Abprazole is a horse medication that contains enteric coated omeprazole granules coloured blue. Each sachet contains 700mg of omeprazole granules that can treat a horse of up to 175kg (385lb) in weight per day.





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