Loyalty Program – Abler Points

Loyalty Program



Abler Points Loyalty Program offers all of our registered customers reward points for each of their purchases as well as reward points for their active engagement with us. Abler Points can be achieved automatically for making purchases, reviewing products, inviting friends and later on these points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases as part or full payment in the checkout process.


Points are currently earnt at a rate of 1 Abler Point for every $10 spent on purchases.
Points can be spent at Checkout at a rate of 1 Abler Point for every $1 of the Checkout SubTotal.



Purchase any productAbler Points from our store and earn 1 Abler Point for every $10 of your Checkout Subtotal (excludes Shipping cost)

Condtitions: 1 Abler Point per $10 Spend*

When a registered user is logged in and purchases any products, they will automatically be awarded Abler Points calculated on the value of their Checkout subtotal



Register20 Abler Points as a Customer and earn.

Condtitions: New Registrations Only

Abler Points are only available to registered Customers and we are giving away Abler Points with every new registration. Click here to register and start earning Abler Points today.


20 Abler PointsSign up for our Newsletter and earn. Our Newsletter is a great way to stay informed of our current promotions and news on our products.

Condtitions: New Subscribtions Only

Registered, users can manage their subscriptions here and can subscribe to the Newsletter from the My Dashboard, area of their account. Newsletter Subscriptions: Subscribe/Unsubscribe to our Newsletter


Write a Product Review40 Abler Points and earn. We want your feedback and are giving away Abler Points to registered Customers as a thank you for takng the time to wite a review.

Condtitions: 1 Review per product shipped

How to Write a review: 1. Go to the product page of the product you wish to review. 2. Click on the Reviews tab. 3. Write your Review in the form displayed. 4. Click on Submit. You can also copy your review to the Facebook Comment section as well. Once your review is approved for publication, you will receive your Abler Points to your account


10 Abler PointsParticipate in a Poll and earn. From time to time we may publish polls where we seek your opinion. Participate as a registered user and we’ll give you Abler Points for your time.

Condtitions: Maximum 10 points per day

You will need to be registered and logged in, before participating in any Polls to ensure you receive the Abler Points to your account.


20 Abler PointsInvite a friend to shop with us and earn points on their initial purchase.

Condtitions: On friends first order

To invite a friend, registered users should login and go to Send Invitations on their Account Dashboard and enter the email address of the friend/s they wish to invite. In order to receive the bonus points, your invited friend must: 1. Accept the Invitation; 2. Register an Account on abler.com and 3. Make a purchase. Once your invited friend has completed those steps, you will receive a bonus 20 Abler Points for your friends first purchase.



WeAbler Points often award Bonus Abler Points on purchases of specific products or bundles. Bonus points are in addition to points earnt for any purchase.

Condtitions: Seasonal

To see what bonus Abler Points are currently on offer visit our Promo Schedule. Remember you must be registered and logged in at the time of making your purchase, in order to receive points

*Conditions apply


Spending Abler Points is easy, just remember that for every point you have, that equates to $1.00. Once your Abler Points balance is over 500, you are eligible to begin spending them. When making a purchase, you can pay with your usual method or use your points to pay for part of or all of the Subtotal of your Cart. Our One page checkout will prompt you to select “Use my Abler Points” at the Payment Information section and will display how many points and $ value you have available. Make your selection by ticking the box and inserting how many of your available points you wish to use for that purchase and then complete the balance of the payment with your CC details.


My Dashboard:
Once your account has been created you can view your account details, by logging in using the log in links on any page. Once logged in you will be directed to My Dashboard,from where you can view your Recent Orders, view/edit your Account Information and Billing and Shipping Addresses. On the left panel is a block titled My Account from which you can view and/or edit the following:

  • Account Information: Edit your Name, Email address or Password
  • Address Book: Add or edit your default Billing Address and Default Shipping Address
  • My Orders: View a record of all your Orders, Reorder past orders or Create a Help Ticket for a particular Order
  • My Product Reviews: View or Edit Product Reviews that you have submitted
  • My Wishlist: View Products that you have previously added to your Wishlist
  • Newsletter Subscriptions: Subscribe/Unsubscribe to our Newsletter
  • Help Desk: View Support Tickets that you have raised or Create a new ticket
  • My Invitation: Use this link to Invite friends and earn Abler Points
  • Reward points: View your current Abler Points balance, exchange rate and transaction history and manage your Abler Points account


  • Abler reserves the right to amend the nature and scope of the Abler Points Loyalty Program at any time.
  • Abler Points for any promotion are only available to registered customers.
  • Any unused Abler Points will be deleted within 365 days of the date they were awarded.
  • You can be notified within 7 days of the expiry of any unused Abler Points, by logging in and subscribing to our notify service here.
  • Points awarded for a purchase which was subsequently cancelled will be deducted from your account at the time of refund.
  • Your Reward Points balance must be at least 500 points before you are eligible to use them as part of a payment
  • Reviews must be approved for publication before points can be awarded. Eligibility for Abler Points for writing a review is limited to one review per shipped product

If you have any enquiries regarding your Abler Points account please direct them to our Customer Service Team promptly.
You can find details and the current status of your Abler Points by logging in here.