Abgard: Horse Ulcer Gastrocopy Veterinarian Results

Before AbGard™ Omeprazole Treatment

These gastroscopy images taken at Qatar Equestrian Federation (QEF) are of the stomach of a 15 year old Arabian brood mare that had been transported from the UAE to Qatar. She had arrived at the QEF Veterinary Hospital and had sustained a large head wound during transportation that needed suturing.

After arriving (obviously suffering from considerable stress) the mare began to show moderate signs of intermittent colic several hours after having been offered feed. Eventually a gastroscopy was performed which revealed grade IV gastric ulceration of the non-glandular portion of the stomach.

After AbGard™ Omeprazole Treatment

The mare was started on a course of AbGard™ Omeprazole paste by Abler (the only treatment administered) and an increased frequency of feeding. Within a few days the horse colic had resolved and she had regained her normal appetite. Just 13 days after treatment began, the mare was scoped again and the images below were recorded.
The post treatment images show a dramatic improvement and we are very pleased with the mare’s response to AbGard by Abler.

Dr Stefan Witte
Dr Med Vet, Dipl. ACVS
Qatar Equestrian Federation-

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