How to Manage Gastric Ulcers In Performance Horses


Managing Gastric Ulcers in Performance Horses – need to know

This article will outline our top tips for managing ulcers in performance horses. A performance horse refers to the amount of energy a horse exerts while performing in its chosen discipline. Typically, a performance horse is one whose owner rides them more days than not in a given week. Due to the extra exertion put on their bodies, like anyone, this can cause stress and strain resulting in health complaints. A common health problem reported is stomach gastric ulcers. The following article will discuss the prevalence of ulcers specifically in performance horses and top expert tips for managing, treating and preventing this painful condition.

Common Causes

Stress is often a cause of gastric ulcers in performance horses. These highly bred athletes tend to produce more acid than they actually need to digest their food. Many of them become nervous during workouts and/or competitions. Additionally they can experience stress during travel. Think of yourself when you get nervous. You may develop “butterflies in your stomach.” This is actually caused because your stomach gets tight and starts producing acid.

ulcers in performance horses

93% of performance horses, specifically race horses, suffer stomach ulcers.

Top Tips for managing ulcers in Performance Horses

  • Include some lucerne hay in the diet
  • try mixing chaff with grain
  • Choose an effective gastric ulcer treatment –  A treatment regime of 28 days will heal the ulcer. The chance of re-occurrence being very high, a prevention regime is highly recommended to avoid a flare up of new ulcers.
  • Providing horses with the opportunity to free-range graze
  • try to alter the feeding schedule to mimic a grazing

In Summary

In summary, the occurrence of gastric ulcers in performance horses is quite high and care and caution is required to ensure they don’t suffer this painful condition, as much as possible. Dietary measures can help with the prevention of ulcers such as those discussed above but often a high quality ulcer treatment. Omeprazole is the active ingredient for gastric ulcer treatments. You will find a range Omeprazole based gastric ulcers treatments that will suit your performance horse at






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