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We received this wonderful product review from Carla – NC – USA who has been so happy she found an affordable solution for treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers for her horse.

I have an older OTTB gelding that cribs and is prone to be ulcery. A few years ago we had to do the whole regimen of a well known branded gastric ulcer treatment and it nearly broke the bank. Then I found AbPrazole Plus and I am so glad I did! . It can be used  as a preventative and as treatment. I give it to him weekly and I’ve already seen an improvement in his demeanor, less cranky and is actually cribbing less. My young mare has been getting it on days we trailer out for lessons or shows. She is young and still a little worried about going off property by herself. I highly recommend this product as it is effective and more cost effective than the branded products.Carla B – NC USA

AbPrazole Plus also comes in a convenient Bulk Pack Watch here


So glad I found Abler

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