AbPrazole Omeprazole for horses | Product Review “Works Fantastic”


Sannene  – NV USA purchased AbPrazole for her horse that she suspected had gastric ulcers.She thought rather than putting her horse through an invasive and expensive endoscope procedure she would try AbPrazole and watch the results.

See what she has to say in her Product Review below. Sannene also earned Abler Points for writing a product review which she can spend on any future orders with Abler.

I used Alber’s AbPrazole  on a young show horse. Wasn’t sure if he had ulcers (did not want to spend the money to have him scoped) but after just two weeks on this product his temperament in the beginning of a work session went from a hyper to mellow. Have to say he must have had ulcers. He has changed and stays the same as long as he is on it. Sannene Garehime – NV- USA

AbPrazole single sachet Omeprazole for horses





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