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Debora B – California USA can’t Thank Abler enough for making affordable omeprazole read what she has to say!

Thank you so much Abler for making affordable omeprazole as AbPrazole so that more horses can now be treated! Amazing difference in behavior of my baby after just a few days…. I have just finished my 50 packet order today and also received in the mail today my next 50 packets, I am trying the AbPrazole Plus for the second 2 weeks of treatment and then I will decide what to continue with for maintenance. Also, customer service receives 5 stars from me…. an issue with the company that verifies Echeck caused my shipment to be late, no fault of Abler but when I called they sent out my order overnight at no charge!

Debora B – California USA

AbPrazole Affordable Omeprazole

Just Fantastic

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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