Horse Cribbing and Gastric Ulcers: The Solution


What causes Horse Cribbing?

Cribbing is thought to relieve the pain of gastric ulcers in horses as they bloat up their stomach and keep their stomach acid from irritating the damaged stomach wall. Fortunately, there are options and horse cribbing solutions. The term cribbing refers to when a horse locks their upper teeth on a fence, or a feed bucket, and suck in air. Cribbing is hard on your horse, it damages your property, and it’s not very fun to watch or hear. For the longest time, many thought cribbing was a learned behavior, passed from mare to foal, a habit picked up out of boredom. However, while there can be a boredom element, it’s becoming clear to vets and horse enthusiasts that cribbing is a strong indicator your horse is suffering from gastric ulcers.

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Cribbing is hard on your horse & ruins your property


As always when something new and detrimental to your horse happens, it’s time to call in your veterinarian. Your vet will most likely do a scope of your horse’s stomach to see what’s going on in there. Over eighty percent of equine athletes have stomach ulcers, so it’s likely your poor baby does too. As horses are delightful individuals, they all like to react and show symptoms in different ways. Cribbing is one of the more common symptom displays.

Horse Cribbing Treatment

If a gastric ulcer is the most likely culprit for the cribbing, it’s time to change your horse’s diet and give them some medication for the solution to their cribbing. The gist of an ulcer friendly diet is more forage, more frequent smaller feedings, and probiotics such as AbActive to help rebalance their stomach. You’ll also want to give a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) such as AbPrazole, which contains Omeprazole to help manage acid levels while your horse heals. Combining a probiotic and omeprazole as a 2-in1 treatment is AbPrazole Plus

If your horse’s distress isn’t caused by an ulcer, then chances are it was a learned behavior. Research, however, shows this the exception rather than the rule. If their cribbing is not ulcer related, your veterinarian can help you come up with some cribbing solutions for your horse.

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