Deworming a headshy horse is child’s play


The best news about deworming a headshy horse.

Much like most humans don’t like having things stuck in their mouths, most horses are of the same opinion. Horses, as prey animals, don’t like feeling trapped, and having to be tied up to have a foreign object put in their mouse and have something force fed them that they may not like the taste and texture of, doesn’t lead to a very happy horse. Some horses, of course, are okay with this, and paste deworming is a reasonable option, but in the case of the syringe haters, granule dewormers are definitely the way to go. While you can train your horse to accept syringes, it can take days to weeks to manage it. It’s a lot of work when there’s a perfectly easy work around.

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Don’t stress your horse with syringes

Less stress for your horse is a great reason alone to use granules, deworming a headshy horse is just so much easier all around than with a syringe. You can put them on the top of your horse’s feed and at the end, you know exactly how much of the dose they actually got by looking for any of the brightly coloured granules at the bottom of their feed bucket. It’s a lot harder for picky horses to  reject unwanted medication in granulated form, apparently spit out paste could be framed as an impressive artwork project. With less rejected medication, not only does your horse injest more, but less waste means less money spent.

AbIver (Ivermectin), AbIver Plus (Ivermectin & Praziquantel) and AbFen (fenbendazole) ,  all come in brightly visible granulated form with easy to handle sachets. One pack of two sachets is able to dose a horse weighing up to six hundred and sixty kilograms (one thousand three hundred and two pounds). Cost-effective and tidy.

Whatever form you choose, deworming your horse is important to their health and happiness. It’s also really important to get a formal diagnosis of which parasites you may be dealing with from a veterinarian. The most important part is getting the medication in your horse where it can work its science on the insides. You know your horse best and what medication delivery system works best for them. Why not try the granules today and destress deworming the headshy horse.

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