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Deworming is extremely important for horses. However, what is more, important than deworming is to know about dewormers and what they are fighting. Although, it is always advisable to consult the veterinarian first before starting on the deworming schedule, however, this article is here to provide the basic information on broad spectrum equine dewormers anthelmintics  and effectiveness on the parasites.

The following words like wormers, vermicides, dewormers, allopathic worming medicine, anthelmintics, routine wormers, vermicides and anti-parasitic drugs are common. Although, each one of them means the same but are different in nature. The details are as follows:

Ivermectin  (AbIver™)

An anti-parasitic drug from in the Avermectin family, used against the parasitic worms. Veterinarians use this medicine to kill intestinal worms, mostly, mites, ticks and lice. However, it is not effective for tapeworms and is not effective for eliminating flies, fleas and flukes. It is mostly effective against the larval heartworm (not very effective on adult heartworm to be precise). Ivermectin shortens the life of adult heartworm.

Fenbendazole (AbFen™)

A broad-spectrum benzimidazole very effective for horses. The treatment process of fenbendazole is five days consecutively. Depending on the parasite, treatment could be needed for the second course also. This dewormer is useful against round worms, hookworms and some Taenia species of tapeworm.
This treatment eliminates encysted small strongyle larvae

Praziquantel (AbIver Plus™ or AblerQuant™)

Active ingredient approved for control of large strongyles.
Praziquantel, a member of the pyrazine group of pharmaceutical active compounds, which has indicated selective effectiveness against all these three species equine tapeworms: P. mamillana, P. magna, and P. perfoliata. When combined with Ivermectin this deworming is the choice of horse owners to control a wide range of common worms.As a 2-in-1 combination, helps prevent tapeworm-associated colic.

AbWormer Bundle Pack by Abler is a combination pack of  broad spectrum equine dewormers for adult horses and foals.  Always consult your local Vet who will offer the best advice regarding  local resistance.




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