Horse Omeprazole : Tips on Administration


Abler offers Horse Omeprazole as Granules or Tablets

Giving oral drug preparations to your horse will not be an easy task. Frustration could build up as it chews on the tablet that you carefully hid within the feed, or sniffs cautiously at the granules that you have mixed with the feed together with some applesauce. However, you shouldn’t stop trying. Your horse needs the right dose of the medicine at the scheduled time for a specified number of days as prescribed by the veterinarian. While trying to figure out which oral feeding techniques is going to work, do bear in mind that there are proven methods of giving oral medications to horses. With these methods and the knowledge on your horse’s preferences, you can eventually find a medicating system that truly works.

Your horse may have suffered from stomach ulcers and equine omeprazole is the most appropriate treatment for such condition. Abler offers equine omeprazole in both granule (AbPrazole) and tablet (Abler Omeprazole Tablets) forms. But how do you administer these drugs successfully?

How to Administer Omeprazole Granules

Granules are directly mixed with the horse’s feed. Just open the packet and sprinkle the contents on to the feed. Equine omeprazole granules from Abler come in bright blue-colored granules that make it easy for horse owners to check if the entire mixture has been consumed.

Tips When Administering Omeprazole Granules

  • Not all drugs can  be given with the presence of food; if in doubt, check the label
  • Try to add molasses in to the feed. Molasses will help prevent granules from separating from your horse’s feed.

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How to Administer Horse Omeprazole Tablets

With the use of a balling gun, a special tool that appears like a syringe, tablets can be administered successfully.

  1. Position the device in the corner of the horse’s mouth.
  2. Gently push the tip of the balling gun at the back of the horse’s tongue.
  3. Gently lift your horse’s head.
  4. Push the device plunger to deliver the tablet
  5. Observe to make sure that the horse has swallowed the medication.

Tips for administering Omeprazole Tablets   

  • Do not crush omeprazole tablets as they are enteric coated. Use a balling gun or a pill gun.
  • Tablets should be given whole.
  • Use an apple to administer the drug. You might want to bore a small hole on the apple and insert the tablet there. Give the apple to your horse and watch to make sure the tablet has been eaten.

As your horse gets used to the idea of oral medications, the task of giving these preparations will become easier. You might also accept a helping hand as they can always make the work a lot easier.

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