Worm Infestation – Common cause of Colic in horses


Parasites can be controlled with good management.

Parasitic attacks always make a horse listless and dull in the coat. The horse is one animal that can house almost 150 plus parasites inside and outside its body and it is extremely difficult to eradicate them.

Good news! It is possible to control them. With routine deworming, nutritious food, environmental management and clean pasture, parasites could be controlled from spreading and taking control of the horse’s body. Almost all horses have internal parasites. Colic in horses is often directly related to the damage of blood vessels and migrating larvae of Strongylus Vulgaris. Often these internal parasites lead to the death of horses.

Symptoms often vary from horse to horse depending on the severity of the disease. However, there are some general indicators that determine parasite infestation in a horse.

Parasites - A horses worst enemy

Parasites – A horses worst enemy

General Symptoms of Horse with Parasite infestation:

  • Lack of health
  • Dull hair coat
  • Loss of weight
  • Poor hoof condition
  • Frequent colic
  • Cough as well as nasal discharge

Try a Deworming Program

When you observe these symptoms shown by the horse; it becomes important to start a deworming program. However, before consulting your Vet, it is important to go for fecal egg count. Additionally, it becomes important to maintain a strict schedule for the whole farm. The best planner for deworming is always the veterinarian. However, this article intends to provide general information on the signs and symptoms of a parasitic attack and its best dewormer.

A horses worst enemy

Among all those 150 parasites the most dangerous and common ones in horses are:

  • Tapeworm
  • Large and small strongyles
  • Ascarids
  • Pinworms
  • Bots

What is the ideal dewormer to start  treating Common Parasites?

To fight with these parasites, a dewormer like Ivermectin is always a good starting point. After consulting with the veterinarian, one can go for the right dewormer for the farm and horse. The main task lies in understanding the subtle yet precise symptoms of the horses and immediately start treating them accordingly. Parasitic attacks are otherwise dangerous and often the common cause of Colic in horses. Ivermectin at a single dose will eliminate a broad spectrum of parasites at all stages

AbIver (Ivermectin)

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