Deworming Older Horses – Why Is It Important?


Care process of senior horses starts with a deworming program.

Just like younger horses, or foals the senior horse is prone to parasite attacks. Deworming older horses is important to take care of the senior horses in a proper and organized manner.

The care process of senior horses starts with a deworming program. Apart from taking care of the horse in terms of food and shelter, it is equally important to be aware of a deworming schedule and follow it strictly. It is important to know that parasite infestation often attack senior horses more considerably than they do their younger counterparts.

Older Horses have less resistance to parasites

Older Horses have less resistance to parasites

Why is the older horse more prone to parasite attacks?

Older horses are often not in such good health; they may lose their appetite and consequently lose condition. . Diarrhoea is another problem that an older horse faces- poor diet? Foals often recover comparatively quicker than horses as senior ones often have nutritional imbalances. Regular dewormers for horses often help in recovering horses from various complications brought by parasites. There are combination broad spectrum dewormers like Ivermectin & Praziquantel that helps in covering further species of parasites. It is however; best to consult the veterinarian to get the proper deworming chart for the senior horse.

After getting the reports from FECRTs, it becomes easier for the veterinarian to develop the deworming program for a senior horse. However, once the schedule is done, it is important to follow strictly the chart or else the effectiveness of the program would not be the same. Parasites like Habronema, horse bots and ascarids affect the senior horses and lead to complications like enlargement in stomach, mouth and stomach irritations, weakness, emaciation, colic, anaemia and so on.

Deworming Older Horses to fight Parasites

As a horse ages, the resistance powers slowly reduces and thus it becomes important to provide support to help fight against parasites. Therefore, one of the best ways to do it by deworming the senior horses and help them fight against the parasites.

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