Summer Horse Management

Horse & rider need to keep cool in Summer

Horse & rider need to keep cool in Summer

Summer is the right time for the horse owner to showcase their horse skills. Racing, equine shows and competition are all part of the year round haul of competing. Sure some prefer to take a vacation in the sun, others see it as an opportunity to stay in shape. But summer’s hot weather and high humidity also presents serious health risks for the horse. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a proper horse management to keep the horses at their best in the summer.

Scorching heat and oppressive humidity pose a danger to the health of horses. Every year, several cases of colic, dehydration, and respiratory distress are ascribed to warmer summer weather. Even worse, fatal heat stroke or exhaustion is responsible for deaths each summer. It takes the proper management and responsibility of the horse owner to do what is the best for a horse. Managing a horse over summer is a tough gig, but it can be made easier by following good horse management:-

Water: An average size of an athletic horse can drink over thirty gallons of water per day when the temperature is above 25°c. Its is imperative to have continuous supply of clean, fresh water. Also water troughs and stock tanks must be regularly cleaned to eliminate disease.

Shade: offers a way to avoid the sun while in the pasture with a run-in shed. For grazing take the horse out early in the morning to avoid the heat. Countering the early morning mosquitoes and flies, various repellents a fly mask can be used.

Electrolytes: use for the depletion of salt loss because of the disproportionate sweating, an owner can give an electrolyte supplement when the combined temperature and humidity reaches 40° .(104°F)

Ventilation: Horses usually have a faster metabolism, so they need continuous cooling while resting in the barn with suitable stable fans. The owner should consider leaving the barn doors and windows open.
Misting fans are perfect for stalls.

Swimming: Horses can be given a soothing swim or try sponging cold water over their back and forehead. The large blood vessels under the belly and inside the legs should be cooled in the hot summer.

Horse owners also need to be mindful of their own intake of water to ensure they remain fit and healthy over summer to get the most out of competing in summer. It is simply a case of Summer horse management practice.

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