Understanding the Risk Factors for Horse Ulcers


Ulcers are health conditions commonly experienced by horses. Since it can affect any horse, the question now would be “are your horses at risk for digestive ulcers?” There are certain factors to be considered when assessing a horse’s risk for developing ulcers.

constant forage is important for a horses diet

Constant forage is important for a horses diet

The common risks of horse ulcers

Diet. Horses are considered trickle feeders. The acid production is a process that continues even without the presence of feed. If the horse is exposed for longer periods without food, there is nothing to neutralize the acid which then will lead to ulceration. Ulcers can develop rapidly especially if horses are denied access to free grazing. Feeding high-concentrated feeds can also lead to ulcers in horses by decreasing feeding intervals and increasing the levels of gastrin.

Exercise. Exercise and training gives a strong correlation with gastric ulceration. Even if your horses are not subjected to training that is too intense, they can still develop ulcers. Studies reveal that proper blood flow to the horse’s stomach is likely decreased with exercise and this proper blood flow is essential in reducing the acid levels in the stomach.

Stress and Illness. Gastric ulcers in horses can form in response to stress. Health conditions like respiratory disease can also contribute to ulcer formation. It is proven that travelling or transporting can stress out a horse and this usually leads to formation of ulcers. Stress can also have an influence on the appetite of the horse, and when your horses lose their appetite, stomach acidity will be increased.

Use of medication. Certain medications can contribute to the formation of ulcers in horses especially if they are used on a long-term basis. These medications can decrease the level of protective factors in the stomach.

Treatment of Horse Ulcers

Understanding the risk factors involved in the formation of equine gastric ulcers is important to be able to come up with a treatment program. In the subject of stomach ulcers, one medication is trusted by the entire industry, Omeprazole. When it comes to affordable equine Omeprazole for your entire team, you can always trust AbGard Stable Pack. 





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