How to save big bucks on Treatment for Horse Ulcers


The Grazing Horse

The horse is an animal that is designed to adapt well with its surroundings. Naturally, a savannah would be the ideal habitat of a horse. The horse’s stomach is designed to digest herbs, grass, and leaves and their natural instincts have led them to graze in different pastures, providing them the necessary nutrients for optimum health. When a horse is taken from its natural habitat, so many changes could take place. One such change is to have the horse confined to stables. Another is the changes in their eating habits. These changes can be distressing for the horse and as a result, digestive ulcers may form.

Natural environment stress free in pasture

Natural environment stress free in pasture

What Causes Ulcers to Form?

There are various factors that can contribute to the development of horse ulcers. The changes in feeding and lifestyle are among them. Unnatural feeding practices are observed for performance horses. Usually, these horses require high energy requirements to compensate for the energy expenditure during intensive training. For this, horse owners feed their horses with bulk high-grain meals infrequently. Ideally, a horse’s eating habits involve eating less but frequently. It does not matter whether the stomach is stuffed with food contents or not; it would still continue to produce acid and in the event that there is absence of food, the acid level may increase leading to ulcers. Stress from exercise and traveling, and long-term use of NSAIDs can also cause ulcer formation. When you own and breed horses for sports, it is important that they get the proper nutritional requirements to keep them healthy. Once in a while, let them have access to pastures.

There are many clinical signs associated with gastric ulcers in horses. These include poor hair coat, poor appetite, behavioral changes, and weight loss. However, there are some horses that may not manifest the signs even if they already have the condition.

Healing ulcers in horses can be a burden to the financial resources of the owner, considering that the treatment is ideally given for a month to completely heal the lesions. If you have several horses that are affected all at one time, it would really be difficult on your part. Good news is that, horse ulcer treatment can be made much more affordable with AbGard Stable Pack. This product is manufactured by Abler, intended to give savings to horse owners since one syringe can treat up to five horses.

Ulcers in horses can pose a serious threat to the health of your horse. It won’t be easy treating the entire team without spending a fortune but with AbGard Stable Pack, you don’t have to worry about horse ulcer treatment eating away your savings!




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