Winter Horse Care: Prep Your Horse & Farm for the Cold



Here are simple things you might forget upon preparing the farm and your horse for the coming of the winter season.

  • Water is critical and you need it as winter approaches. You can keep your horse healthy during these cold months by supplying enough water. A horse that does not have access to water is more likely to develop impaction colic or lose his appetite.
  • Tank heaters will help keep water ice-free. Always check if heaters are in good order before winter sets in.
  • Check on your horse’s hooves; winter has short days and icy grounds, which can be a hindrance to outdoor rides. Contact your farrier to work with the shoes. Winter is an opportunity for the horse to go around barefoot.
  • Make sure you have all medication on hand, including horse dewormers.
  • Feeding your horse the right medication is also an essential part of winter horse care. It is best if you feed your horse more hay to help keep him warm, rather than supplying him with grain.


Good clean hay shall keep your horses stomach full and horse warm

Good clean hay shall keep your horses stomach full and horse warm


  • Grain contributes to weight gain but does not provide much warmth for the cold months.
  • Make sure your horse has grown enough hair coat to supply body warmth and has enough body fat to act as insulator against the winter elements. Try to see if he has enough insulating fat by feeling his ribs; the last two ribs should barely be felt.
  • Allow your horse to go out on pasture during winter to improve muscle tone and allow joints to be lubricated by moving. Also, if a horse moves around, he can generate heat to keep himself warm.
  • Though not entirely necessary, providing shelter from the breeze can help keep him comfortable.

Getting ready for winter mainly involves common sense. Overall, preparing for the cold months should include provide water access, good drainage, and getting rid of hazardous snow and ice in areas frequented by both humans and horses. Work together with your veterinarian in providing the needs of your horse with preventive care.

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