Treating the Painful Condition of Horse Ulcers with AbPrazole


Equine digestive ulcers are also referred to as EGUS, (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome). These ulcers can stop a horse from delivering a good performance, seriously damage the lining of the stomach, and worse, can cause death of the animal.

EGUS is brought about by overproduction of gastric acid that can damage the protective lining found in the stomach. A horse’s stomach can produce acid nonstop all throughout the day and is capable of producing up to sixteen gallons of acid every day. In a natural setting where horses graze, this acid is needed to digest whatever the horse is eating, and the roughage, together with saliva produced from constant chewing, that the horse consumes help with acid neutralization. If you feed your horse high-grain meals, this acid levels may increase and all the more if you introduced stress factors like training, transporting, and changes in the environment.




Stop EGUS Before It Gets Worse

Whenever your horse is faced with depressing situations situations, you can always expect that digestive ulcers could be present. Horses are sensitive the things they experience which may seem normal to you could be extremely stressful for them. Just by letting your horse travel from one place to another for a show, feeding him for only two times each day, or perhaps letting him have extensive exercise is enough for him to develop EGUS. What’s more surprising is that, in a short span of five days, those ulcers can already develop. Your horses may not be able to let you know that they are in deep pain. For this reason, you need to be on a lookout for some of the common signs associated with equine digestive ulcers.

If you notice different changes in your horses such as changes in their eating and drinking habits, changes in their disposition, poor performance, or recurrent colic, then you should start to worry – your horse could be suffering to a great extent. Do not let your guard down and only provide the best treatment for your horse with equine Omeprazole, AbPrazole granules. AbPrazole is another quality product from Abler designed to manage the common digestive problem in horses – ulcers. It contains enteric coated Omeprazole that helps reduce the acid production in the stomach which consequently lowers the acidity level therein. AbPrazole is available in granules for easy administration. You simply need to mix the granules with your horse’s feed and let therapy begin.

Do not allow your horses to suffer from such painful conditions. You may not only help treat horse ulcers but also, prevent them from recurring when you use AbPrazole.





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