AbPrazole: Use Omeprazole Granules for Healthier Horses


Digestive ulcers are commonly present in horses, especially ones that are stabled. The ulcer is a lesion formed along the digestive tract lining. They come in two types namely gastric and colonic ulcers. Gastric ulcers are formed in the stomach while colonic ulcers can be found along intestines or the colon. Generally, these two types are lesions form along the mucosal linings. They can be caused by many different factors, exhibit various symptoms and must be managed differently.

It doesn’t matter whether you own horses to breed or put them up for show – you generally need a horse that is happy and healthy. If horses are bred to be healthy, they would be sold at a better price and you don’t even have to worry about the veterinary costs. Unfortunately, it would almost be impossible to have a perfectly healthy horse because of the recurring digestive ulcers which are common in horses.




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