Abprazole – An Effective Solution for Gastric Ulcers in Horses


Equine Ulcers are lesions to the stomach lining (gastric ulcers) or intestinal lining (colonic ulcers). They are brought about by several factors and present various different symptoms. The sooner these ulcers are detected and treated, the better.

Ulcers can severely effect the health and performance of your horse. It doesn’t matter if you train, breed or ride horse – they need to be in tip top shape to perform at their best.

Information on Horse ulcers

Horses normally graze on forage up to sixteen hours a day. Continuous roughage and the production of saliva as a result of this acts a a buffer for the acid that is continuously produced in the horses digestive system.

Limited access to grazing and high grain diets allow the level of acidity in the digestive system to remain high. If the lining in the stomach is frequently exposed high levels of acid , ulceration can occur.

Other factors that lead to horse ulcers include;

– Type of feed
– Certain medications such as NSAIDS
– Exposure to stress


AbPrazole -Your Choice in Horse Ulcer Treatment

Gastric ulcers in horses can be managed through proper medication and changes in management practices. AbPrazole is the number one choice for treating those ulcers.  It contains Omeprazole as the main ingredient and works by suppressing acid production.

To increase its effectiveness, AbPrazole has an enteric coating which allows it to pass through the digestive system to where it needs to be effective.

For problems with ulcers, your horses deserve only the best, and you only need to trust one name – AbPrazole.




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