Abprazole – An Effective Solution for Gastric Ulcers in Horses


Abprazole contains Omeprazole BP as the main ingredient used to treat gastric ulcers in horses. Ulcers can occur either in the gastric or stomach lining or intestinal lining, which can also be called colonic ulcers. Either way, these lesions are brought about by several factors and present different symptoms. Both should be treated immediately to improve the performance of horses.

It really doesn’t matter if you have horses to train, breed or ride; the most important thing is to have them in their healthy state. You need them in good condition so they can perform better and at the same time, you will be avoiding expensive veterinary bills.


Information on Horse ulcers

Horses normally graze up to sixteen hours each day. This continuous grazing will reduce the stomach’s acidity. However, if a horse gets limited access to grazing, especially those stabled ones that are on high-concentrate diet, the level of acidity in the stomach increases. This increased stomach acidity will ultimately result to gastric ulcers.  Aside from reduced frequency of grazing, there are other factors that lead to horse ulcers.

These are:

– Type of feed
– Certain medications such as NSAIDS and
– Amount of exercise


Abprazole -Your Choice in Horse Ulcer Treatment

Gastric ulcers in horses can be managed through proper medication and changes in management practices. Abprazole is the number one choice for treating those ulcers.  Omeprazole, the main ingredient, works by suppressing the liberation of hydrogen ions (acid) into the gastric lining. In order for this medication to be effective, they need to pass through the stomach without disintegration, so the medication can reach the intestine where it will be absorbed. Abprazole is enteric-coated making sure that the medication gets absorbed.

For problems with ulcers, your horses deserve only the best, and you only need to trust one name – Abprazole.





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