AbActive Equine probiotics for Your Horse’s Nutrition


Horse probiotics should be a standard inclusion in equine nutrition. They help horses deal with intestinal problems, weight problems and the adverse affects of being on antibiotics. When it comes to probiotics for your horses, AbActive is a name you can trust; it’s easy to administer and an affordable choice for your horse’s health.

Why are Equine Probiotics important?

The horse’s cecum contains several organisms that help to food. The number of organisms should be maintained to keep the horse in good condition. The number of organisms can decline if;

  • the horse is under stress from foaling, training, transporting, and the like
  • the horse is on antibiotics (antibiotics can also destroy good gut bacteria)
  • there is change in the horse’s normal routine

Although antibiotics are there to fight bugs, they can eliminate good bacteria in the process which results in poor absorption of nutrients from food. This can lead to diarrhoea, weight loss and poor skin and hoof conditions. Ultimately affecting the overall performance of the horse.

Why should you choose AbActive?

AbActive is an effective equine probiotics formulation which helps optimize the production of lactic acid. It also works as an effective supplement to keep equine digestive system clean and healthy. AbActive is enteric-coated, which means that the active ingredient is protected by a special coating as it travels along the digestive tract. This special coating prevents disintegration of the active ingredient when coming in contact with the digestive juices, so it can perform its required function.

AbActive is so easy to use; you only have to incorporate the granules into the feed – top dress or mix with corn syrup of molasses. It is individually packed – one sachet is the required amount per day.

Since it is made of natural ingredients, there are no issues when it comes to medication safety and efficacy. It is recommended to be used on all horses regardless of age. Choose AbActive now.




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