Ablerquant Horse Dewormer: Deworming Your Horse


Can you remove all worms from the farm?


Ablerquant is a horse dewormer in the form of an oral paste (syringe). Generally, deworming agents cannot totally get rid of the parasites in a horse. There are a number of reasons for this.

First would have to be the possibility for reinfection. Since horses graze on a pasture, they ingest larvae that are normally found in grass and forage.

AblerQuant- Broad spectrum dewormer Targets Tapeworms and Bots

AblerQuant- Broad spectrum dewormer Targets Tapeworms and Bots

Secondly, most dewormers (except Ivermectin) only destroy adult worms in the intestines. Strongyle, ascarid and strongyloid can larvae can’t be killed by those drugs. These parasites can survive and cause reinfection.

Thirdly, some parasites like small strongyles have developed resistance to some drugs like the benzimidazoles and therefore is making it even harder to terminate them. Therefore, careful consideration must be done in choosing the right equine worming program to use. Ablerquant dewormers are a combination of Ivermectin and Praziquantel which are proven to be very effective in targeting a wide range of parasites in horses’ intestines with minimal signs of resistance.


Important Points in Equine Worming Program:

• Make it a point to deworm all of the horses in a particular area at one time. This will avoid the possibility of letting the untreated horses contaminate the pastures and paddocks that they share with the treated ones.

• Perform the deworming at regular intervals. This helps attain a low level of infestation. It also avoids the risk of killing a great number of worms causing toxemia or bowel obstruction.

• Provide the correct dosage of the deworming agent to assure effectivity. If the horse is either underdosed or spits out some of the dewormers, some worms would survive and the horse remains infected.

• It’s important to treat a pregnant mare. This will avoid the foal from being overburned with parasites right after being born.

• Carefully read and understand the instructions on the label of the deworming agent. Be particular of the right preparation and dosage. Never overdose!

Ablerquant is a great deworming agent for horse parasites as it is in paste form, making it very easy to administer. The Ivermectin-Praziquantel combination makes it very effective in getting rid of many types of worms, including those that have developed resistance to many drugs. Ablerquant is your horse’s new friend in keeping your horse healthy and worm-free.





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